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What we do

The SANAR (Sleep in Neurocognitive Aging and Alzheimer’s Research) lab is directed by Dr. Alberto Ramos, a sleep neurologist at the University of Miami School of Medicine.


The SANAR lab is dedicated to understanding the mechanisms linking sleep health to later life cognitive and brain health.

The SANAR Lab Vision: To create a trailblazing sleep research program.

The SANAR Mission: To advance knowledge and awareness on the causes and treatment of sleep disorders and related comorbidities, and promote equitable sleep and circadian health through scientific discoveries, excellence in mentoring and career development. 

SANAR's Values: We endorse collaborations via team science, advocate for scientific rigor, diversity in leadership and study teams, and encourage equity, respect, open communication and autonomy.

Contact Us

Thanks for your interest in our lab's research. Get in touch with any questions or comments regarding our work and publications. We would love to hear from you.

900 Northwest 17th Street, Floor 5
Miami, FL 33136, USA


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